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Scanspeak 38WE/8582T00 Ellipticor Woofer - New Product

Not for the faint hearted !!

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The mighty 15" Scanspeak 38WE/8582T00 Ellipticor Woofer sets new standards in the domestic subwoofer sector with a huge output capability and incredibly realistic reproduction of fundamental bass.

Built on the same principles as its smaller siblings 18WE and 21WE, its key features are an elliptically shaped voice coil and magnet gap. Combined with a large powerful SD AirCirc magnet system the 38WE/8582T00 woofer has high sensitivity, very low distortion, and extremely fast response to transients.

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The unique Ellipticor range of drive units:

The Ellipticor range's key features are an elliptical shaped voice coil and magnet gap. Combined with a powerful SD AirCirc motor system the Ellipticor transducers have high sensitivity, very low distortion, and have an extremely fast transient response. In particular, the sonic performance of the midrange and treble is outstanding. The sound is clean, transparent and has amazing realism.

Scanspeak Ellipticor Range

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