All systems go !

All systems go !


Scanspeak Automotive - Gold Series

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5 New high-end drive units released:

Scanspeak have just released their new Gold Series automotive speakers - these hi-end drive units feature top quality hand selected component parts and are upgraded / response optimised specifically for the many challenges of the in-car environment, such as sound reflective surfaces and rapid heat / humidity changes.

The new Gold Series incorporate the very best of Scanspeak innovations from the class leading Revelator / Illuminator drive units and offer the discerning listener the pinnacle of audiophile performance for automotive applications.

Designed and built in Denmark Denmark Flag

Available now - Click the links below for more details:

Scanspeak D3004/604005 Beryllium Tweeter:

Scanspeak D3004/604005

Scanspeak R3004/602005 Ring radiator Tweeter:

Scanspeak R3004/602005

Scanspeak 11M/4631G05 Sliced Cone Midrange:

Scanspeak 11M/4631G05

Scanspeak 16W/4538G05 Sandwich Cone Midwoofer:

Scanspeak 16W/4538G05

Scanspeak 32W/4878T05 Automotive Subwoofer:

Scanspeak 32W/4878T05

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