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Talk Electronics / Edwards Audio

TALK Electronics

We are pleased to announce that we are now an authorised dealer for Talk Electronics / Edwards Audio.

TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi. For over 15 years they have designed and manufactured (in the UK) some of the world’s finest value for money high fidelity equipment.

TALK Electronics was created by Kevin Edwards from the highly successful 1990s brand 'Cable Talk' and we are pleased to work with Kevin through these exciting times of the vinyl revival.

Cable Talk was originally founded in 1990, at the bottom of a recession, when the market place had just undergone huge changes and had an uncertain future (not dissimilar to the current state of the world market place). With the huge decline in CD sales who knows if the format will even exist in 5 years time, or if we will all be forced into some sort of streaming solution or MP3 type device? As a new generation finally discovers the true quality of Vinyl, Talk Electronics have looked to their roots by way of reinforcing the company ethos of offering high performance products without the high price tags or far eastern manufacture - all products including the 5 star award winning Talk 3 speaker cable are proudly made in the UK.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivalled high performance products, all designed and built in the UK.

Here is the latest integrated amplifier:  Edwards Audio IA3-R

Don’t let the size of the Edwards Audio range deceive you as each has been designed to set new standards in this area and can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products out there. If reviews are anything to go by Edwards Audio have acheived their goal with many awards and top rated reviews from around the world.

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