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All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999


Linn Tweeters

Linn tweeter upgrade guide

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We stock a wide range of tweeters and upgrades for most historic Linn models.

Moving up from the original Scanspeak D2008 to Hiquphon is a sizeable upgrade that brings new levels of transparency and inner detail; customers often comment that it's like changing to a better amplifier or removing a sheet from in front of the speakers. The OW1/OW2-92 can be listened to for hours without fatigue and are drop in replacements requiring no cabinet or crossover modifications.

Some very early Isobarik models used the KEF T27 - these are largely extinct now as the T27 was not powerful enough for this application.

The chart below is for passive (DMS) versions:

KAN MK1    to serial no. 24077: Scanspeak D2008/8511>>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
SARA          to serial no. 14730:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
ISOBARIK  to serial no. 10924:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92

The Hiquphon OWI-92 directly replaces and upgrades Linn D20-LP-1 & works well in the following models:


 ** NEXUS used different tweeters across the production run - please contact us.

The Hiquphon OWII-92  directly replaces the Linn D20-LP-2 (the very close matching of OWll-92 also renders these an upgrade) - use for active (PMS) versions.

All In UK stock for immediate dispatch ~ supplied as matched pairs only.

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