All systems go ! Peerless NE25VTS-04 Tweeter back in stock click HERE for details.

All systems go ! Peerless NE25VTS-04 Tweeter back in stock click HERE for details.


Morel TSCT 1104 tweeter

Morel TSCT 1104 Tweeter - MATCHED PAIR

28mm silk dome supreme tweeter. 110mm faceplate, 4 Ohms.

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The Morel TSCT 1104 is an advanced high-end 28mm silk dome tweeter from the Supreme range. Features include a 110 mm faceplate, a Hexatech™ Aluminium voice coil,  Neodymium flat pancake ring magnet, Titanium voice coil former, diecast alloy rear chamber and dual copper Faraday shorting rings (to negate rising impedance at higher frequencies). The dome assembly is hand coated with Acuflex damping compound and is field replaceable. Power handling is high at 200w. The TSCT 1104 has a very smooth, gently rising response; the critical 1.5kHz-10kHz band is held within 2.2 dB limits. A superb transducer.

Also available with 104mm faceplate : Morel TSCT 1044

A full datasheet can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Decoding Morel type numbers: TSCT= Titanium Supreme Coppersleeve Tweeter; 1104= 110mm faceplate, 4ohm impedance.

Key Features:

    • Large Hexatech™ Aluminium voice coil
    • Neodymium flat pancake magnet
    • 28mm pure silk dome treated with Acuflex
    • Dual copper Faraday shortings rings
    • Titanium Voice Coil Former
    • High power handling
    • Replaceable dome assembly

    Basic parameters:

    Resonant frequency (fs) 591 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 4 Ω
    Effective diaphragm diameter 28mm DC resistance (Re) 4.19 Ω
    Ferrofluid ? Y/N Yes RMS power handling 200W
    Recommended crossover 2.5khz Faceplate diameter 110 mm
    Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 95 dB Cutout hole diameter 72.8 mm

    Here's the full datasheet:

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