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Willys-Hifi Loudspeaker Spares News

Vifa drive units have arrived and are currently being photographed ~ all drivers will be added to our site soon; here's a couple of tasters:

Vifa XT25BG60-04     Vifa H26TG-35-06 

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Scanspeak has just released details of 2 exciting new tweeters.

These high end units feature pure Beryllium domes in compact aluminium bodies - full details and datasheets can be found by clicking the links below:

Scanspeak D3004/604000

Scanspeak D3004/604010

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Accuton logo

We are now official Accuton suppliers.

We are currently adding these high-end drive units to our website including the full range of Ceramic (sapphire), Diamond and Aluminium sandwich drive units.

These no-compromise exotic transducers are highly respected within the audiophile industry.

Here's a few samples, the rest will be listed over the coming days:

Accuton C25-6-012 Ceramic Dome Tweeter

Accuton C25-6-013 Ceramic Dome Tweeter

Accuton C25-6-158 Ceramic Dome Tweeter


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We now stock 2 adaptable crossover boards: Universal Boardand Compact Board

The universal board measures 150x75mm has sufficient room for 3 way 12dB and 2 way 24dB.

The compact board measures 105x75mm and is designed for 2way 12dB.

We also stock a range of connection panels that solder directly to these boards for a professional finish.

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Full range of Monacor air cored Inductors now in stock. These excellent inductors are wound with 1mm OFC wire onto Polymer bobbins : Air Core Inductors

We also custom wind a large range of iron core inductors (laminated stack core): Iron Core Inductors

All values in stock for immediate dispatch.


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We have a selection of genuine loudspeaker name badges.

Rogers Badge.

These are the later chunky type with the hot foiled silver logo, used on late LS3/5a and many others.

TDL Badge.

Used on the classic RTL1, RTL2, RTL3 and the later G20 and G30.

Heybrook Badge.

We have 2 versions of this badge, silver text on grey and gold text on black; as found on the classic models : Sextet, Octet, Heylios, Heylette and various others.

Harbeth Badge.

As used on the rare top value NRG range.

These badges are all new, unused old stock and are perfect for restoring these classic loudspeaker to their former glory.

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Peerless OEM driver range

Peerless Fabrikkerne A/S was founded in Denmark in 1926 and soon established itself as a respected speaker maker in the emerging audio markets. In 1978 after decades of manufacturing near Copenhagen, production was split between Denmark and a new state of the art OEM production facility in India. Peerless Fabrikkerne (India) is now the largest producer of OEM drive units and have been used extensively by various manufacturers including: Kef,  Mission,  JPW,  Monitor Audio, TDL, Heybrook, Harbeth and many others.

The original Peerless (Denmark) company is now part of the Tymphany group.

We have a selection of OEM drive units from Peerless . Popular drivers offering great value.

Peerless OEM drivers are all priced per pair including VAT.





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Scanspeak logo

This long established manufacturer has been a key player within the development of loudspeaker drive units for many years; some of their production models (Classic range) were launched over 3 decades ago and are still considered benchmark products, which is testimony to the excellence of Scanspeak design and engineering.

Scanspeak drive units are a superb choice for DIY designers, there is a very wide range available to suit very budget and design criterior:

Tweeters here          Midrange here          Bass/Midrange here          Woofers here          Sub bass here

Scanspeak drive units have been used in many historic models by various high end manufacturers including : Linn, Spendor, Wilson Benesch, ProAc, Sonus Faber, Rega, Naim and many others.

Linn Kan MK1 Tweeter

Linn Isobarik Tweeter

Linn Sara Tweeter

Proac Tweeter

Spendor S100 Tweeter

Spendor SP1/2 Dome Midrange

Coming soon: Peerless OEM featuring the classic SKO series and others + Audax vintage drive units. Vifa.

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