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Spare parts for Morel tweeters.

Dome tweeter repair kits.

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We stock 3 genuine Morel repair kits - these are all easy to fit and cover the majority of popular models, both new and old. Ideal for repairing tweeters with damaged / pushed in domes or open circuit voice coils:

Morel R29 suits models MDT-29and  CAT 298.

Morel R30 suits models MDT-30Sand  CAT 308.

Morel R33 suits models MDT-32, MDT-33, CAT 328ET 338, ST 1048, ST 1108, ST 1308.

These dome / voice coil kits represent a very cost effective way of bringing defective tweeters back to specification without having the extra expense of replacing the complete drive unit.

We also stock ferrofluid here:  Ferrofluid repair kit


Morel R33 repair kit