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Willys-Hifi Loudspeaker Spares News

Morel Integra Coaxial Drive Units now available in the UK.

Morel logo

The Morel Integra range comprises 3 exquisite single point source coaxial drive units. Available in 4, 5 or 6 " and incorporating many of the Morel proprietary innovations and technologies, these time aligned drive units are equally at home in domestic or top quality in-car installations.

Click on the pictures below for full details:

Morel integra 424Morel Integra 524Morel integra 624

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We are now an authorised Mundorf UK dealer.

Mundorf logo

 Stock is currently being photographed and will be added to our website soon.

The comprehensive Mundorf catalogue can be found here: .pdf icon

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Scanspeak replacement dome for D3004/660000.

Scanspeak logo

We now stock genuine replacement dome / voice coil assemblies for the highly regarded D3004/660000 Revelator tweeter. This easy to install assembly avoids the cost of replacing the complete drive unit - ideal for repairing a poked dome or open circuit voice coil.

Click the picture or title below for more details:

Scanspeak D3004/660000 VCA


Domes  for other models can be found by clicking the links below:

Replacement dome assembly D2905/930000

Replacement dome assembly D2905/950000

Replacement dome assembly D2905/970000

Replacement dome assembly D2905/990000

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Scanspeak Revelator - 2 new drive units

Scanspeak logo

Scanspeak have released 2 new Revelator range drive units: a new 18cm 8 ohm midrange based on the 18M/4631T00 featuring the renowned sliced / glued cone technology and an all new 28cm / 11 inch subwoofer unit featuring a 3" voicecoil and patented paper sandwich cone.

Click the titles / images below for full details:

 Scanspeak Revelator 18M/8631T00

 Scanspeak 18M/8631T00

Scanspeak Revelator 28W/4878T00 Subwoofer

 Scanspeak 28W/4878T00

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Scanspeak Ellipticor Drive Units

Ellipticor logo


Scanspeak have released 2 new drive units - these state of the art units feature elliptical voice coils with copper clad pole pieces and airflow optimised magnet systems. The original concept was the brain child of the late great Birger Jorgensen, the project design being finalised and brought to production by respected designers Dennis Hansen and Simon Møller Nielsen.

The elliptical motor assemblies break traditional drive symmetry: the electro-magnetic driving force from the voice coil is not equidistant to the cone / dome surround therefore the usual breakup and high order bell modes do not propagate - mistermination and antiphase issues at the diaphragm / surround junction are also absent. Both drive units are very wide banded with no breakup modes that require any damping. Distortion figures are incredibly low whilst sensitivity is high. These drive units have discrete mountings - various colour trim rings are available.

The Ellipticor range are no compromise designs that set a new bar for high end drive units.

Click pictures or titles below for full details:

Scanspeak D3404/552000 Ellipticor Tweeter

Scanspeak D3404/552000

Scanspeak 18WE/4542T00 Ellipticor Midwoofer

Scanspeak 18WE/4542T00

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New old stock drive units from Audax.

 Audax logo

Audax were true innovators and released many cutting edge technologies never seen before such as the HDA (High Definition Aerogel) cone - a unique product based on acrylic polymer gel containing carbon and kevlar fibres in perfect molecular alignment. HDA was the product of extensive research for the perfect cone material that is both lightweight, rigid and displays high internal damping. Another breakthrough technology was the brilliant but sadly short lived 'gold eye' HD-3P: the  Audax HD-3P  tweeter was a piece of exotic, visionary engineering from the 1990s. Fundamentally a piezo tweeter, it featured a gold spattered elliptical diaphragm formed onto a nitrogen filled balloon. Technically and sonically brilliant but fatally flawed due to gas loss and barometric pressure changes; many are now defunct with low / no output or exhibit the 'crinkle of doom'. We supply a replacement kit for the HD-3P here:  Audax HD-3P replacement kit.

Here are some drive units for HFW Design range and others - click the links:



Heybrook Octet - HM170C4

Most of the Audax units that we stock are in their original boxes - some are incredibly rare and are probably the only ones available anywhere.

Click on the Audax logo for our full drive unit selection.

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Scanspeak logo

5 New high-end drive units released:

Scanspeak have just released their new Gold Series automotive speakers - these hi-end drive units feature top quality hand selected component parts and are upgraded / response optimised specifically for the many challenges of the in-car environment, such as sound reflective surfaces and rapid heat / humidity changes.

The new Gold Series incorporate the very best of Scanspeak innovations from the class leading Revelator / Illuminator drive units and offer the discerning listener the pinnacle of audiophile performance for automotive applications.

Designed and built in Denmark Denmark Flag

Available now - Click the links below for more details:

Scanspeak D3004/604005 Beryllium Tweeter:

Scanspeak D3004/604005

Scanspeak R3004/602005 Ring radiator Tweeter:

Scanspeak R3004/602005

Scanspeak 11M/4631G05 Sliced Cone Midrange:

Scanspeak 11M/4631G05

Scanspeak 16W/4538G05 Sandwich Cone Midwoofer:

Scanspeak 16W/4538G05

Scanspeak 32W/4878T05 Automotive Subwoofer:

Scanspeak 32W/4878T05

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TALK Electronics

We are pleased to announce that we are now an authorised dealer for Talk Electronics / Edwards Audio.

TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi. For over 15 years they have designed and manufactured (in the UK) some of the world’s finest value for money high fidelity equipment.

TALK Electronics was created by Kevin Edwards from the highly successful 1990s brand 'Cable Talk' and we are pleased to work with Kevin through these exciting times of the vinyl revival.

Cable Talk was originally founded in 1990, at the bottom of a recession, when the market place had just undergone huge changes and had an uncertain future (not dissimilar to the current state of the world market place). With the huge decline in CD sales who knows if the format will even exist in 5 years time, or if we will all be forced into some sort of streaming solution or MP3 type device? As a new generation finally discovers the true quality of Vinyl, Talk Electronics have looked to their roots by way of reinforcing the company ethos of offering high performance products without the high price tags or far eastern manufacture - all products including the 5 star award winning Talk 3 speaker cable are proudly made in the UK.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivalled high performance products, all designed and built in the UK.

Here is the latest integrated amplifier:  Edwards Audio IA3-R

Don’t let the size of the Edwards Audio range deceive you as each has been designed to set new standards in this area and can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products out there. If reviews are anything to go by Edwards Audio have acheived their goal with many awards and top rated reviews from around the world.

Please contact us for further information.

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Linn tweeter upgrade guide

Hiquphon logo 

We stock a wide range of tweeters and upgrades for most historic Linn models.

Moving up from the original Scanspeak D2008 to Hiquphon is a sizeable upgrade bringing new levels of transparency and inner detail. The OW1/OW2-92 are drop in replacements requiring no cabinet or crossover modifications.

Some very early Isobarik models used the KEF T27 - these are largely extinct now as the T27 was not powerful enough for this application.

The chart below is for passive (DMS) versions:

KAN MK1    to serial no. 24077: Scanspeak D2008/8511>>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
SARA          to serial no. 14730:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
ISOBARIK  to serial no. 10924:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92

The Hiquphon OWI-92directly replaces and upgrades Linn D20-LP-1 & works well in the following models:


 ** NEXUS used different tweeters across the production run - please contact us.

The Hiquphon OWII-92directly replaces the Linn D20-LP-2 (the very close matching of OWll-92 also renders these an upgrade) - use for active (PMS) versions.

All In UK stock for immediate dispatch ~ supplied as matched pairs only.

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Vifa M21WG-09-08 Woofer

This classic drive unit was conceived by Vifa in the mid to late 80s specifically for inclusion within high performance sealed baffle designs of moderate size (20-40 litres), with a final rolloff of 12dB / octave thus offering good bass extension and immediacy (fashionably now called PRAT - Pace, Rhythm, Attack, Timing) - without the 4th order / 24 dB octave rolloff and corresponding poorer transient response of ported enclosures.

Selected by legendary speaker designer Peter Comeau for his very fine and multi award winning Heybrook HB1; other designs that made good use of this driver include the JPW P1, JPW AP2, JPW AP3 and the Snell type K - all fine speakers to this day and well worth repair.

The M21WG-09-08 has a critically designed motor system comprising a very high compliance suspension (Vas 81 litres) with a surprisingly modest magnet coupled to a cast magnesium chassis and a treated pulp fibre cone. The highish Qms value gives this drive unit a lovely open midrange which easily integrates with 25mm dome tweeters hence it's popularity in various successful historic designs.

Like so many drive units from this era, the original M21WG-09-08 suffered from ageing / UV degradation of the foam surround hence many HB1's etc. turn up on auction sites with missing bass units or crumbling surrounds.

This new version is 2016 manufacture with an improved formula foam surround.

One of the few excellent 8" drivers suitable for 2 or 3 way infinite baffle enclosures.

Direct replacement for the following models:

Heybrook HB1,  JPW P1,  JPW AP2,  JPW AP3,  Snell type K.

These units are now manufactured at the Scanspeak facility in Denmark and may be badged as Vifa or Scanspeak.

Click on the image for more details:

Vifa M21WG-09-08Willys-Hifi Ltd - the specialist UK loudspeaker parts company

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Replacement tweeters for Mission 753

We now supply high quality treble replacements for the popular Mission 753 floorstanding loudspeaker. Featuring ferrofluid cooled voicecoils, Neodymium magnets + heatsinks, these smooth sounding tweeters replace the originals with no visible modifications.

Ideal replacements for the common open circuit problem - they also cure the inherent 'tizzyness' of the original metalized plastic dome tweeter.

Prewired with the correct colour coding for easy connection. This product is exclusive to Willys-Hifi Ltd.

Click the image for more details:

Mission 753 tweeter

Suppied as pairs on an exchange basis, please contact us.

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We are currently adding a range of highly desirable Audax drive units to our website, first up is the Audax HM210Z2:

Audax HM210Z2  HD-A Woofer

High performance bass drive unit from the prestige range. Featuring a composite Aerogel cone and fully ventilated chassis / pole piece, this woofer operates as a pure piston upto 400 Hz with a ruler flat response - the bass output and quality is astonishing; alignments with a f3 of below 30 Hz easily achievable for a realistic in room response to around 20 Hz. This unit is not a subwoofer, it is designed for a stereo pair of the highest quality giving excellent texture, detail and extension. Twin edge wound voice coils can be configured for 4, 8 and 16 ohms. New old stock in original factory boxes - very, very rare, supply is limited.

Click on the image below for full details:

 Audax HM210Z2Click the Audax logo (at top of page) to access the entire archive.

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