All systems go !

All systems go !


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Vifa classic drive units in stock now:

 Vifa logo


A range of high performance drive units that were originally designed and manufactured in Denmark by the legendary Vifa company. These highly popular drive units were used in many successful 1980/90s commercial models before Vifa were absorbed into the far eastern Tymphany group.

A new production of these drive units is now manufactured by Scanspeak in Denmark Danish flag using the original Vifa tooling and procedures.

High resolution images and full details can be found by clicking on the underlined titles or images below:

Vifa PL14WJ-09-08:

One of the smoothest sounding 5" drivers ever produced. This long term favourite was first manufactured in the 1980s and remains a benchmark performer with an unusually smooth usable output to over 7 kHz:

Vifa PL14WJ-09-08

Vifa P17WJ-00-08:

A 6½" / 170mm long term favourite woofer that was first produced in the 1980s. Features include a polypropylene cone, alloy chassis and powerful vented magnet system:

Vifa P17WJ-00-08

Vifa PL18WO-09-08:

An old school classic woofer with a benchmark frequency response. Featuring a coated NRSC pulp cone, a magnesium chassis and a huge vented magnet system, this 7" / 180mm woofer sounds excellent:

Vifa PL18WO-09-08

Vifa M21WG-09-08:

Needs no introduction - this drive unit was used in the Heybrook HB1, JPW P1, JPW AP2, JPW AP3 and Snell type K. One of the few 8" drivers suitable for 2 way infinite baffle enclosures:

Vifa M21WG-09-08

All in stock for immediate dispatch.

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Monacor loudspeaker connectors.

Monacor logo

We now stock a chosen selection of binding posts, banana plugs and terminal blocks from Monacor, Germany. These all feature impressive build quality and represent excellent value for money; these will give your project a very professional finish.

Here's a couple of highlights:

Monacor BP-520G jumbo sized binding posts:

Monacor BP-520G

The BP-520G extra large binding posts feature gold plated brass bodies with excellent machining - these are huge binding posts.

Monacor BP-530G long stem binding posts:

Monacor BP-530G

The BP-530G are long stem binding posts designed for cabinets with walls upto 27mm thickness. Gold plated brass.

Engineering drawings and high resolution images can be found on the individual product pages.

View the full range by clicking HERE.

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Scanspeak 15W/8534T00 - Classic Range.

Scanspeak logo

At last - a 15cm Classic Range drive unit !

The new 15W/8534T00 fills a long lasting gap in the Scanspeak Classic Range. This Midwoofer is based on the design principles of the highly revered 18W/8545 continuing the tradition with a slimline aluminium chassis, symmetrical drive motor system, low loss linear rubber suspension and is updated with a brand new cone material called Phenomax. The Phenomax cone is comprised of 5 thin film layers including Kevlar and carbon fibre; each layer has different mechanical properties that combine to give the ideal balance of rigidity and internal damping.

This is going to be a very popular drive unit - taking orders now, available early March.

For full details click HERE or on the image below:

Scanspeak 15W/8534T00

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Scanspeak logo

D2104/712000 20mm Revelator Tweeter:

The Revelator Range, Scanspeak's most extensive line, has got a new baby: the D2104/712000, a 20 mm (¾”) soft dome tweeter. This unit is a welcome addition to the range and carries over the existing technology found in the larger D2904/7100 siblings. Features include a large neodymium ring magnet system with symmetrical drive, a non-resonant rear chamber, a large roll-surround and a precision machined anodized aluminium faceplate. This smaller tweeter offers improved directivity and an extended frequency response to above 40 kHz.

For full details click HERE or on the picture below:

 Scanspeak D2104/712000

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Morel R-TSCT 1104 Replacement Dome Kit.

Morel Logo

By popular request we now stock the genuine Morel repair kit for the high-end TSCT 1104 and TSCT 1044 Supreme range tweeters. This replacement dome / voice coil assembly is very easy to fit and will restore the correct manufacturers performance. This is a very cost effective repair and is far cheaper than replacing the complete tweeter assembly.

Click HERE or on the image below for details:

Morel R-TSCT 1104 Repair Kit.

We stock repair parts for all Morel Tweeters.

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Intertechnik Modular Crossover PCBs.

Intertechnik logo

We now hold good stock of the complete range of Intertechnik cascadable crossover network PCBs. This unique series of modular boards is available in 3 size ranges and 4 network derivatives that can be intermixed allowing ultimate design flexibility. They can be cascaded to suit your desired crossover alignment / drive unit complement. An example schematic is shown below:

Intertechnik Modular PCB Schematic

In the main example above, the 2 way board is the motherboard; adding the low pass and high pass modular boards forms a comprehensive 3 way design with much scope for experimentation. This is just one illustration, these boards are highly adaptable and can be cascaded to suit literally any design.

Click anywhere on the schematic diagram above or here to see the full range of PCBs.

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Baked Air Core Litz Wire Inductors 1% Tolerance.

Litz Wire Inductors

These precison wound high - end inductors are available in a wide range of values of between 0.15mh - 15.0mH 1% tolerance and 3 wire gauges: 0.5mm x7, 0.6mm x7 and 0.8mm x7.

The thermally bonded Litz wire is configured as a concentric, hexagonally wound conductor consisting of 7 individually insulated high purity (99.99%) OFC strands. These air core inductors have low DCR resistance, high quality factor, very low skin effect, no saturation distortion, no hysteresis distortion, vibration / microphony immunity, very low self capacitance and a constant inductance characteristic regardless of current and load changes.

A perfect no compromise choice for the very highest fidelity loudspeakers.

Made in Germany by the long established and highly respected manufacturer Intertechnik / Audyn.

Intertechnik / Audyn logo

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More Scanspeak Ellipticor units.

Scanspeak logo

We have added 3 more products to the flagship Ellipticor range:

18WE/8542T00  8 ohm 6½ inch Midwoofer

21WE/4542T00  4 ohm 8 inch Midwoofer

21WE/8542T00  8 ohm 8 inch Midwoofer

Scanspeak Ellipticor info:

Traditional (round) drive units are relatively easy to produce but come with many inherent issues such as ringing (bell modes), break up, high Q peaks and poor edge termination. To counter these problems Scanspeak started the Ellipse project under the guidance of the late great designer Birger Jørgensen, sadly Birger passed away before seeing the completed drive units. The Ellipse project was completed and brought to production by Dennis Hansen and Simon Møller Nielsen under the trade name 'Ellipticor'.

The design aim of the elliptical motor system is to break any symmetry within the voice coil former and provide the cone with a non symmetrical driving force so that bell modes and other distortions cannot propagate. Machining and building the elliptical parts for the motor system provided many R&D and engineering challenges that Scanspeak have overcome with custom built tooling and new assembly techniques.

The Ellipticor drive units are ground breaking products that are extremely well behaved, broad banded and truly represent the state of the art. You can read custom loudspeaker design supremo Troels Gravesens comments on the Ellipticor units here.

To view the complete Ellipticor range click the image below:

Ellipticor logo

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New products: Heil Air Motion Transformer Tweeters.


Air motion transformers (AMT) are a unique type of high-end ribbon tweeter which were developed by German physicist Oskar Heil during his research into the characteristics of the human ear.

Although AMTs are members of the ribbon family, they have a radically different mode of operation: these tweeters feature a specially pleated Kapton / aluminium diaphragm that has no forward / aft motion, instead it expands and contracts along its length like a bellows, transforming an electrical signal into air waves and can therefore technically be viewed as a type of sound modulated air pump. The folding of the AMT diaphragm offers a surprisingly large radiating area in the minimum of space; a 25mm wide AMT diaphragm has a similar active radiating area to an 8 inch drive unit.

AMT tweeters have a highly dynamic sound with an excellent transient response, very high efficiency and low harmonic distortion.

Click the images below for full product details:

AIRMT-30 TweeterAIRMT-85 Tweeter

You can view our entire range of ribbon tweeters here.

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VIABLUE High End Connectors.


We are very pleased to announce that we are now working with our new partner VIABLUE™, Germany to bring their top level high-end connectors and accessories direct to the UK.

Company info:

Based in Malsch, VIABLUE™ have been successfully trading for nearly 20 years making high end cables and connectors. All VIABLUE™ products are based around 3 main criteria: Quality, Functionality and Design. The machining and finish of their products is of the highest standard and only the finest materials are used, in fact they are the best we've ever seen.

Outstanding quality:

Every VIABLUE™ product is the result of a long and thorough development process combined with a lot of passion for detail, an example being the superb R150 Biwire Panel. After initial drawings and sketches, 3D-models and prototypes are built. These then undergo several testing cycles in order to ensure the highest demands in regard to functionality, quality and design.

We also stock VIABLUE silver solder which is a unique composition that is very easy to use and ensures top quality, reliable connections with minimum fuss.

To see our VIABLUE™ range click on the image below:

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Welcome to our new website!


This latest version of our website has been in extensive development for over a year and features cutting edge security and high speed design protocols. Have a good click about - you'll soon get a feel for the streamlined flow.

Enjoy the new site - comments / constructive criticism always welcome !


  • High speed high stability core
  • Simple pared down design - no unnecessary clicks
  • Full Apple pay integration
  • Full Google pay integration
  • Super easy navigation - logical flow
  • Real time order updates by SMS
  • High security - fully encrypted
  • No 3rd party redirected checkout
  • Light footprint - minimal cookies
  • EU PSD2 14/9/19 compliant (**what's this ??**)

A set of extra features are in development and will be integrated later this year.

What is EU PSD2 Directive ?


The revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) regulates the payments industry in the European Union. One of the major updates that comes into effect this year is stronger protection for customers who shop online using their debit and credit cards.

To comply with these new regulations, online sellers need to make sure they have Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for payments they accept from European buyers to help mitigate card-not-present fraud.

Strong Customer Authentication is similar to what many people refer to as two-factor authentication: if a customer is buying online using their debit or credit card, SCA may require them to use two forms of authentication. As an example, instead of just entering their PIN or password, Strong Customer Authentication would prompt a customer to enter a code generated on their banking app as a second step. This makes it harder for fraudulent transactions to get through.

Customers are asked to enter this information only when it’s required through a technology known as 3D Secure—an extra layer of security that customers have to enter during checkout to authenticate themselves. Our customers will see the 3D Secure indicator start to show up on orders after PSD2 comes into effect.

Whilst PSD2 may initially seem like another layer of bureaucracy, it is in fact a major security upgrade that will protect both buyers and sellers from scammers using stolen cards.

The technology is already in place and we are already compliant with the upcoming EU PSD2.

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We now supply Fountek Ribbon Tweeters, Full Range Drive units, Midrange Drive units, Midwoofers and Subwoofers.

Fountek logo

The Fountek Electronic Company was established in 2003 and although in the loudspeaker world they are a relatively new company, they have established a reputation for top level R&D + manufacturing excellence. Their Ribbon tweeters such as the NeoCD3.0 are well known in the audiophile world and can be found in various high-end oem designs. Another stand out design is the large format 10" / 255mm ribbon tweeter NeoPro10i whose broad band response opens up 2 way design possibilities with 8 or 10 inch woofers.

Fountek specialise mainly in metal drive units, all but one of their range exclusively feature aluminium / alloy diaphragms and their expertise with the subject matter can be seen in the many good performing drive units they produce; a couple of examples being the full range FR135EX and the FW146 midwoofer, both excellent sounding, good value drive units.

We supply the complete current Fountek range - click on the Fountek logo for full details.

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